OTAQ Offshore launch Eagle IP Vision, a portable recording system for underwater cameras


We are pleased to announce the launch of the Eagle IP Vision. A brand-new product set to fill a gap in OTAQ’s offering, Eagle IP Vision is an addition to the current Eagle IP range which will enable users to record video for underwater HD cameras.

Complimenting our existing Eagle IP system, the new piece of kit is a portable recording system compatible with our existing Eagle IP HD underwater cameras designed for use in harsh environments, complete with a robust, waterproof multi-point touch-pad. The Haptic feedback enables the system to be fully operational in all weather conditions.

Eagle IP vision has been engineered for operation in open boats and on back decks of larger vessels, and is designed around an industry-standard PELI case that is fully IP65 waterproof rated when open (IP67 when closed).

The Eagle IP Vision will give users the ability to deploy the market-leading system capturing footage from some of the world’s harshest, most remote environments, and is set to benefit a long list of industries including offshore energy, pipeline inspection, Aquaculture for seabed surveys and general underwater inspection i.e moorings and nets, and onshore operations such as public utilities and hydro dams.

Chris Hyde, Chief Technology Offer, OTAQ, said: “Our highly experienced engineering team has brought this technology to life over the past year, and we are please to be able to offer this new product to complete our Eagle IP system”.

“Innovation is at the forefront of everything we do, and this latest addition bolsters our position as global experts in underwater technology.”

For more information about OTAQ please visit www.offshore.otaq.com