OTAQ Group Ltd Announces Expanded Deployment of Live Plankton Analysis System (LPAS) by Ireland’s BIM


OTAQ Group Ltd is delighted to announce the further acquisition of its innovative Live Plankton Analysis System (LPAS) by Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM), Ireland’s Seafood Development Agency.

Recently launched by OTAQ, LPAS is a powerful tool designed to aid farmers in combating the growing threat of Harmful Algae Blooms (HABs). This advanced system integrates specialised AI technology to automate the identification and quantification of harmful algae, significantly improving the accuracy and frequency of monitoring processes. By streamlining these tasks, LPAS not only saves time but also helps standardise industry practices, marking a significant advancement in safeguarding aquaculture against devastating HAB events.

Damien Toner, Aquatech Business Manager at BIM, commented on the collaboration, stating, “A key part of BIM’s role in supporting the growth and sustainability of Ireland’s seafood industry is to assess and promote new technologies that will assist farmers in managing their operational risks and efficiencies. Following trials of LPAS Beta units during 2023, we see the vital benefits LPAS brings in streamlining and enhancing algae monitoring in production areas. Therefore, we are pleased to be progressing our relationship with OTAQ to the benefit of Irish farms.”

LPAS units will be deployed in Ireland throughout the 2024 season.