Live Plankton Analysis System


OTAQ’s Live Plankton Analysis System (LPAS) automatically identifies phytoplankton around marine aquaculture sites that could potentially result in Harmful Algae Blooms (HABs) and impact on fish health. By providing critical and timely information, LPAS enables operators to make early and informed decisions on site-specific mitigation strategies and actions.

LPAS employs deep-learning AI technology developed with Blue Lion Labs to analyse images of the water samples for species of phytoplankton that are known to be of concern. It immediately sends the results to OTAQ’s local analysis software program and user interface.

Using the data from the AI engine, the local analysis software program and user interface generates on-site alerts for staff based on user- defined parameters, alerting on the presence of specific species that are of concern in a particular area as well as alerting when acceptable levels of concentration of any species of interest are exceeded. A clear traffic light system lets site operators know if there is an issue or not and they can they review more detailed data if required.

Results data collected by LPAS can be automatically stored locally and in the OTAQ Cloud for presentation and analysis. Site or Company specific Application Programming Interface (API) can also be set up for direct connection into customer databases if desired.

Key Benefits

  • Phytoplankton species and quantity automatically identified
  • On site system enables increased testing frequency and consistency
  • HAB alerts automatically generated as soon as species of concern detected or user-defined allowable concentration thresholds are exceeded
  • All data is metadata tagged and stored securely in Cloud for long-term analysis
  • Direct information feed to customer database if preferred Integration with OTAQ’s water quality monitoring system available
  • System versions available with or without internet connection
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