Mobile Environmental Monitoring Device

Sensor Globe accurately tracks your fishes’ environment to provide fresh data on how to increase your product quality and durability. Robust, wireless and compact with multi sensor capabilities, Sensor Globe is designed to follow your fish wherever they go and provide new insights into operational blind spots:

  • Transfers through pipes and pumping
  • Treatment and handling
  • Ocean operation

Continually monitoring environmental parameters critical to fish welfare

  • Oxygen
  • PH
  • Temperature
  • Acceleration and Shock

Key Benefits

  • Wireless connectivity
  • Real-time & historical data with export functionalities
  • “Sedna Sensor Globe” app & on-line dashboard
  • Remote monitoring and threshold notification
  • Custom data analysis
    Fleet section, to share data with your team & remote access
  • Long-lasting battery (up to 5 months, depends on setting)
  • Custom sensor calibration and sample interval
Specification Sheet

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