Wireless Water Quality Monitoring System

OTAQ’s Wireless Water Quality Monitoring System (WQMS) is an essential device for any fish farmer. Continuously monitoring and recording crucial environmental parameters across the entire growing cycle, WQM supplies invaluable visibility and insight to support the maintenance and safeguarding of fish welfare.

Wireless Water Quality Monitoring System provides long-range wireless data transmission performance whilst using very little energy and remaining compact in size. As a result, it is simple to install, unobtrusive and easily applicable to any site size, layout and location. When installed, the system operates reliably 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, collecting essential data and sending it to OTAQ’s local and cloud-based dashboards for live tracking and storage.

Key Benefits

  • Capability to monitor wide range environmental parameters
  • Capacity to add multiple sensors into single central site gateway and dashboard
  • Long-range, wireless data transmission from sensor to central gateway Very low power consumption
  • Multiple power options: Solar, battery, mains power
  • Collecting and sharing of data over one or more wireless networks: WIFI, GSM, LAN
  • Dashboard available on PC, tablet or phone
  • Tailorable dashboard format, monitoring environmental parameters as well as battery levels
  • Local and cloud data storage and dashboard
  • Live stream data logging plus historical data storage and export Compact and simple to install
  • Low maintenance
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